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I believe that this is only my second Dream Log, and that is because I never remember my dreams. When I do remember them, they are always nightmares. I don't think I even want to know what this means....anyway, let's start.

I was in a parking garage with 3 friends. We were in an SUV (in real life, I don't know anyone who drives an SUV). I was sitting in the driver's seat (I don't even have my license yet), my boyfriend was in the passenger's seat, a girl friend of mine was behind me, and her boyfriend was next to her.

We were all talking. I don't think the key was around anywhere; it felt as though we were waiting for the driver to return. All of the doors were locked. There were a few other cars around, but no one was near them.

Then a woman, around 30 and fairly "hot", knocked on my window. I rolled it down a few inches. She pointed a gun inside and asked which of us wanted to give her our purse. The friend behind me began rummage through hers, and the boys started looking through their wallets. I discreetly kicked my purse under my seat.

They each handed her some money through the crack at the top of the window, and she ran off. We sat there, a bit confused. A while later, we were leaving (I think I was driving) and we went by another car. She was there, and so were the police. We pulled over, I got out. The police handed me the money she'd taken. I returned to the car, and let my friends sort it out amongst themselves.