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La Fin du Monde (translating to The End of the World in English) is a triple-fermented beer from the Unibroue brewery. It's a nice golden colour when you pour it into the stein - no thin beer glasses for this beer! - through which the outline of your fingers can be fuzzily distinguished. At least, prior to consumption.

You see, La Fin du Monde is a very strong beer. At 9% alc./vol. (Canadian measurement) and 750 ml/bottle, you're drinking - assuming you're not sharing - approximately 67.5 ml of alcohol. Which is a bit of a shock to systems accustomed to the wimpy 5% alc./vol. of average beer, especially if, like me, you have a fast metabolism. If you ever decide to drink this, remember that alcohol is a diuretic - or, in the casual phrase, "you don't buy beer, only rent it".

Back to describing the attributes of the beverage. As stated, it's a nice golden colour, with a nice head if poured properly. It tastes... well, it tastes a lot more beery than Blanche de Chambly, that's for sure. A very beery beer - more than likely the result of the unique triple-fermentation process, which I think I already mentioned. Yes, I did. Um. It also has a very clingy aftertaste, especially when you're nearing the bottom of the bottle; the kind of aftertaste that tastes like those brandy-filled chocolates you snuck out of the mixed chocolates box at Christmas and you couldn't wash out of your throat no matter HOW much eggnog you drank.

All in all, La Fin du Monde is a very strong drink that should be approached by experienced drinkers only. Casual beerflies accustomed to the occasional Coors, Bud, or Blue on the weekend should probably avoid this unless they're actively seeking to get sloshed - ie., college students. Just remember to drink it from a stein, or other wide-mouthed beverage-holding container. And you should probably find someone to split the bottle with. I mean, 750 ml is a lot, even with pretzels.

I think I need a little nap.