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Tired of the same old soup out of a can every day for lunch? Jazz it up with some ethnic condiments for a fun flavor variation.

This is a favorite of mine: Chinese chicken noodle soup.
1 can chicken noodle soup (I like Campbell's) diluted according to directions.
Add while heating to a gentle boil:
1-2 tbsp soy sauce
1-2 tbsp rice vinegar
Ground pepper to taste

Beat and add slowly to gently boiling soup:
1 or 2 eggs

Garnish with:
Chinese hot oil
Sesame oil

Make a special soup that is a unique expression of YOU by experimenting. Start with a can of a soup with relatively few flavors. Chicken broth based soups are good; minestrone is already very complex and ethnic to boot. Add, to taste, condiments and extras such as:

soy sauce
teriyaki sauce
Hoisin sauce
Vietnamese fish sauce
rice vinegar
lemon grass
apple cider vinegar garlic
olive oil
sesame oil
hot pepper oil
lemon juice
chef's salt
jalapeno peppers
beaten eggs
chopped vegetables

Use your imagination! Explore! Discover new combinations! It's fun!