I frequent a subreddit that has had quite a number of testimonials about people realizing they were trans during the COVID-19 lockdowns. There were far too many for such a situation to be a coincidence; it must be some phenomenon.

I surmised that such people, being isolated from their normal environments, cut off from their usual social interactions, and thus finding themselves without the normal pressures that they had been living under for so long, were finally able to find something of themselves that they would have subconsciously buried in shame under normal circumstances. That there in the darkness and the silence, there was nothing left but their own souls, and little to do but contemplate.

This would be mere speculation, save for the fact that this is exactly how I came out to myself -- at college, cut off from the culture that had been my home for 19 years; in freshman year, a time of confusion and introspection; in the darkness and silence of a drab dorm room.

What I'm saying is everyone ought to sit in a pitch-black cave alone for once in their lives and think about who they are.

Or maybe a closet. Probably safer, if less cool.