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Roxy is a brand of clothing worn by people of the following categories:

  • Girls who have no experience in either surfing nor skating, yet choose to come off as "skater grrls" for the sole purpose of picking up guys. These girls are usually between the ages of 12 and 25. Wearing these clothes wears off as the person grows older.
  • Boys and men who actually do partake in surfing, and choose to endorse in high quality surf clothing.
  • People who want to send of the impression that they have no style in their fashion sense, and must rely on what other people like to determine who they are.
  • Boys (and in most cases, only boys) who can't surf or skate but have nothing better to do than use clothing as a way of saying they do.
  • People who have the kind of personality that matches the clothing Not gender specific.

    There may be more categories but I am not aware of them as of now.