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As far as I know, it is no longer possible to get compensation for electromagnetic hypersensitivity in Sweden. The reason is hopefully obvious, but I'll spell it out anyway: it's a massive load of bunk. The »allergy« was invented by anthroposophists, technology-fearing adherents of an offshoot of Theosophy who mix hippie shitheadedness with pseudomystical bunkum to become perhaps the most disagreeable bullshitmongers on the green Earth. This had frankly been obvious for some time, but in the end a Swedish medical research institute gathered up a bunch of people claiming the allergy for trials with a large electromagnet.

The subject was seated in a chair by the electromagnet; near them, a researcher stood at the magnet's controls, turning the power knob up and down and warning the subject in advance: »okay, I'm going up to 1000 volts«, »I've turned it off« and so on. Most of the patients exhibited trouble breathing and/or rashes; one woman started bleeding internally so acutely that she had to be rushed to ER. Pretty convincing, right?

Only, of course, the researcher had been lying. He had activated the electromagnet to completely different levels than he said he would, typically switching it off whenever he said he increased the field strength from something moderate; in the case of the hemorrhaging woman, he never turned it on. Rashes, breathing problems and yes, even internal bleeding are all psychosomatically inducible conditions (see also stigmata).

Don't be like hippies, kids: only believe in things that aren't total crock.