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Roman Emperor from 209-212 AD

Son of Septimius Severus, he and his brother Caracalla were appointed co-emperors upon the death of Septimius. Both, however, had been bitter rivals for a long time. Each disliked the other, and feared their brother was plotting against them. They lived in separate parts of the palace, and each had their own followers. Geta only ruled for 3 years before his brother, Caracalla had him murdered and became sole emperor. The murder took place in the apartments of their mother, Julia Domna. The brothers were meeting for an apparent reconciliation, when centurion's jumped out and stabbed Geta repeatedly. He ran to the arms of his mother while the centurions continued to attack him, all the while with Caracalla egging them on and shouting orders. Caracalla later claimed the murder was in self-defense, and was proclaimed sole emperor.

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