The AMA needs you to know:

Exposure to the herpes virus can kill infants. Infants can be abused in hospital.

The modern medical establishment has mechanized the birthing process, for your infant's moral and physical health. Our hospital is a clean and safe factory. An infection tax will be billed to any parent or agent who wishes to touch their child before their release. REMEMBER

Infants can be abducted from the hospital. Infants can be switched, mistaken, or otherwise replaced with a strange child. Infants can be sold into slavery. Infants can be exposed to illness, famine, strife, rape, suffering, divorce. Infants can be lost or misplaced. Infants can be converted to heathen faiths. Infants can be taught regressive political philosophies. Infants can develop unnatural sexual predilections. Infants can be exposed to degenerate and mongrel art. Infants can be taught to love. Infants can be exposed to drug use and cigarette smoke. 


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