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You people haven't seen road rage until you've gotten out of North America. In reality, people in America have better road ettiquette than most other countries, including Australia. Some of the worst I've seen includes China, India and anywhere in Africa. Trust me, Americans have nice roads, nice cars, and the only reason there is road rage is a slight dose of stupidity. In China, road rage is almost guaranteed. Here are a few general rules on the average drivers in China.

  • Drive like you're walking. If you see space, feel free to drive on it, be it the divider, the curb, or anything.
  • Ignore all mirrors. Drive on impulse. Look forward at all times.
  • Drive as if you were the only one on the road, until you realize that the other car is two inches away from you.
  • Use the horn liberally. It adds to the atmosphere of the road, especially in traffic jams.
  • It is OK to tailgate, cut people off, or otherwise give them a heart attack by driving precariously close to them.
  • Eat while driving. Drink while driving. Read while driving. Do anything while driving. It's all good.
  • Remeber, signals are for wimps. Feel free to swerve across 3 lanes without signalling across heavy traffic.
  • It's the survival of the quickest. Whoever hogs the road space wins.

That's about it. You can see why road rage is so rampant here. Since the cars in China generally suck, and the roads are not in as good condition as American roads, it makes the situation even worse. And yet, this is still better than India. You don't want to see African road rage. It's pretty insane.