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The grand finale of the trilogy of trilogies. The Ultima series has always been da bomb. Until now (actually, some peeps out there might say Ultima 8, a.k.a. Mario: Pagan, but I digress).
5 years in development resulted in a product so bug-riddled it surpasses even Battlecruiser 3000AD and Falcon 3.0, previous standards of buggy releases. On my computer (Pentium III-550, 256MB RAM, TNT2/32MB) it had a framerate of, oh, about 10fps. And that's in a dungeon. In the open it drops to an average of about 3, if I am lucky. Not to mention memory leaks, plot-stoppers, bad AI, blue screens, hard drive thrashing and spontaneous computer death.
Nay, the true evil in Ultima is not the Guardian, but the marketing department of EA. By releasing 2 months before schedule they have disappointed thousands of loyal Ultima fans. Very virtuous of you, ya bungling morons.