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Teen aged Fox, lives in East Seaboard Coast USA, Small town, Shy, quiet, devious, extremely geeky, persona who thinks abit too much, Virtually lives in his basement, with enough Computer Equipment to start up a small company. Mostly harmless, indeed.

Recently I made a mix of a wide range of song from the very trancey to the ultra ravey and dancey. I found it helped on those ---off--- days... and without further ado...

The Depression MixCD
My mostly finest work
1)Aphex Twin = Paralell Stripes
2)Moby - Alone
3)Sideways Staircase - Marble Madness (Spherical Kinetics)
4)NIN - A warm place (Drum and Bass Mix)
5)Diablo - The Theme from Tristram
6)Polygon Window - untitled
7)Universal Indicator - Green C#3
8)Universal Indicator - Greeen I#9
9)Universal Indicator - Yellow 5
10)Universal Indicator - Blue 4
11)Mike and Rich - Reg
12)Scissor Sisters - Comfortabally numb

He that is, and yet does not, is only as good as that which can not and only shall ammount to nothing more than everything that which is not.

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