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No one else seemed to have anything to say about tofu-rella, so I figured I would hazard it.

Tofu-rella is awful stuff. The cheddar variation smells like dry dog food and tastes worse. Yes, as a youth I sampled dog food. I wanted to know what my dog had to look forward to for the rest of his life. He's lucky it wasn't tofu-rella. It tastes like rotten sawdust with a hint of cooking oil, if such a concoction could go bad, that is. According to the package it does melt, but cools almost immediately into something that looks like orange plastic, has the same texture, and is only slightly more edible.

If you're a no-dairy vegetarian (or are lactose intolerant or whatever) or a vegan, I would recommend living without cheese rather than with tofu-rella.