Well, it's been a long time....how long you ask? Longer than a bread box, much much longer....

I just caught a glimpse of a node titled Spanking Breeze. I didn't read it yet, but I'm sure it must be an advert for the newest BDSM potpourri scent, just perfect for those times when your Master is away and you're just hankerin' for a spankin'. And just where the hell did the phrase hankerin' come from anyway? Ten bucks says it has something to do with never having a hankercheif when you need one. But anway, I digress...

Christmas was pretty neat-o this year. I always judge my Christmases by the quality of the gifts I give people. I always feel so terrible when I give something that I know in my heart isn't really all that cool. And it feels so awful when you know the gift you gave sucked really bad and the person you gave it to is trying so hard not to show it. It's almost sickening to watch someone try to fake happiness for a cheesy gift. But this year I did a good job, I was proud of myself:) Was, but now I have to move on to the stresses of figuring out what to give everyone next year! OMG! I've only got about 360 days left! I better get to thinking!

Ever notice how things creep up on you when you aren't noticing them? It's always easy to notice it though, after you already noticed, but until you notice, you never notice. Why is that? Speaking of not noticing... I've been talking to a really cool friend that I haven't seen in five years. I didn't even notice how excited I was to hear from him, well I didn't notice at first. And then I was even more excited when he told me that he was moving back to New York. He's a pretty cool guy, and I always noticed that, that's one thing that I have noticed right from the start, but five years makes you kind of forget. Well, it's not like totally forgetting, it's like not riding a bicycle for five years and kind of remembering how but not really totally remembering until you get back on it and try to ride again....but then when you do get on, it's like you never got off in the first place. Damn, this really could be considered a 'racey' conversation, you know, since it's about bikes and you can race bikes.... That's something that I miss about my friends like Chris. I miss being silly and not worrying if someone is going to give me a silly look, cos all my friends were pretty silly looking any way. And that totally made sense to me, and it was pretty funny in my mind, but you're not in my mind, therefore you probably couldn't think it was funny. But Being John Malcovich was a pretty awesome movie. Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich.

Hopefully soon I will get to visit Chris in Ithica (or as everyone else likes to call it, Ithaca). I'm pretty darn excited. In fact, so excited that I have called him twice, even thought I knew that he wouldn't be home, just cos I couldn't wait to talk to him. Did I mention that I miss my friends from RIT yet? I called him at 3AM and he was so sweet not to hang up on me, but I bet he would have if he could figure out how to hang up without closing the phone. Again, something that was funny in my mind....but I'm not John Malkovich.

Directions: Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

He said something really sweet to me the other day. I don't even know if he realized how sweet it was. If he didn't does that make it any less sweet?

Question: When do you stop?