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I find the whole Christmas juggernaut extremely hard to take, but it's embarassing to say so, because I don't like spoiling other people's parties.

For me as a Jewish person, Christmas is a big party that I can't attend. It isn't that my Christian (or recovering Christian) friends aren't generous enough to invite me, but that at some deep level it feels idolatrous to participate. Between the Pagan and the Christian elements, it just seems wrong for me. (Not wrong for Pagans and Christians - wrong for me.)

While I'm the first to admit that my theology is slovenly theism at best, I do take a couple of things from my tradition seriously: one is that monotheism is a Good Thing(tm) and the other is that idolatry is a Bad Thing(tm). Wallowing in Christmas cheer doesn't work for me, partly for that reason.

My other objection is encapsulated in the beloved Everything slogan, "Commerce is the reason for the season."

But don't mind me. Just go ahead and have a good time. It's not for me to judge the choices of others.

And I'm not bitter.

Not me.