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To leave behind a lasting legacy after I turn up my toes and shrug off this mortal coil to be one with Jesus/Allah/The Seven Sisters/Tiamat
I can write. It is your job to decide if I can write well.
It just be raining black people in New York.
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September 11, 2004
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"Deckard, ninety-seven."

Ninety-seven...thank you...danke.

I hate schoolwork. :( More accurately, I hate myself, my lack of ability, looks, friends, social status, education...

But mostly just schoolwork.

I node both rather spontaneously and sporadically, and try to be brief whenever possible. This isn't due to a lack of thoughtfulness on my part, but because of consideration for others. Why? Because for most of my life I have had a bad reputation for being long-winded. One of my missions on E2 (in addition to the venerable ones already listed above :) is to submit concise, informative, helpful writeups which can be easily understood by you, sir or madam, their intended audience.

I am not, strictly speaking, on "The Covenant," but I try to make my writeups as informative as possible.