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Album by now-reforming British rock band The Wildhearts. Released in 1997 on Mushroom Records.

This is actually the only Wildhearts album I have heard, and I'm told it's not their best, or for that matter much like their other work. But I love it. It's a great rock CD, with a good upbeat feel to it, but there is a shitload of distortion and general industrial noise, especially in the vocals, which I think is probably what puts some people off. Still, it's definitely worth having as it was their last proper studio album before their 1999 split.


  1. Junkenstein
  2. Nurse Maximum
  3. Anthem
  4. Urge
  5. Pissjoy
  6. Soundog Babylon
  7. Now is the Colour
  8. Heroin
  9. Why You Lie
  10. Thunderfuck