Hardcore Henry is a first person shooter movie. Not a video game. An FPS movie. The entire movie is from the perspective of the eponymous Henry who at the start of the movie wakes to find himself in a laboratory missing an arm and a leg. The missing limbs are quickly replaced by a pretty blonde scientist claiming to be his wife. Henry is experiencing total retrograde amnesia and general muteness following whatever accident wrecked him which makes him the perfect candidate to become a silent protagonist. As fate would have it the lab is attack by a telekinetic albino super villain before they can get his voice working and Henry and his wife have to make a daring escape. Said escape goes a bit wrong and she is captured with pursuers close on Henry's heels. The movie progresses from there with Henry bouncing from one violent situation to another, trying to figure out what's going on and who he can trust, and seeking to save the girl. This movie operates on a lot of "follow me, no time to explain!" type story telling which is in line with the genre it's trying to emulate.

This movie is likely to either put viewers off immediately or completely engross them just on the basis of its core conceit. The entire movie is shot from a go pro that mimics Henry's actual visual experience. This means a lot of frenetic running, jumping, shooting, fighting, and killing up close and personal. Hope you aren't squeamish or motion sick. While the movie does include cuts during travel and other tedium the typical shot is long by today's standards. If you're cool with that then what you have left is very spare and very focused. There's not a lot of characterization and the plot is predictable in several places though I suspect it will still surprise viewers with some of the twists. What this provides is non stop action and lots of violence. Guns, parkour, beatings, flame throwers, rappelling down a building, surgery in a strip club, this movie has it all and then some. If you want an action movie that really delivers on the action part and still manages to be a movie I'd say you could do a lot worse than Hardcore Henry.