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I've hunted around E2 off and on for a while and eventually tried to find information on the Akai EWI. Well, nothing popped up so I made an account.

The FAQ has been read, along with the other helpful stuff but I'm not totally sure how all this works yet so expect some shit (Guess my nationality -- hoser).

The geek factor is probably pretty bloody high in this place. I increase it in a small way. Solaris/Linux/C++/Java/C/Python/(insert fav non-MS based thing here) is what I do. It's my job but not my life. My life consists of Jazz and (more importantly) Fusion. Tenor Saxophone is my main instrument but lately i've been playing a lot of my EWI and my Alesis S4 Plus. I find that these combination of instruments make for an amazing fusion mix! Tunes written by Michael Brecker (my god), Mike Stern (i'm going to have to make him a node), Don Grolnick, Pat Metheny, Chick Corea and tons of others simply make fusion what it is. And a good tenor coupled with some wicked EWI makes for one hell of a lot of fun!

Ok... enough with the stroking, wanking shit. I'm off to see if I can actually contribute a node.

I'm building an EWI node.