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To overthrow all governments a create an enlightened, scientific world democracy
three-time returning State champion on that Spanish test I took in march; also I clear tables for $5.05 an hour plus gratuities
Punahou High School
You can't fight ideas with bullets
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Humans are designed to eat animals
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I live in Hawaii and I live in the ghetto. Well, not really, but I live in Kaimuki, where I have been assaulted by my share of local gangs and learned what not to fuck with. I work as a busboy and do community service at a social center in Kalihi. Y'all do not care about me at all; if you are here at all its because you think I might have interesting goodies or jokes. I don't.

My name means Mr. T in Spanish. Last year I noticed the rise of Mr. T vs. Sites and predicted that he would return, first in commercials and then in full force, to mainstream media. My friend owes me a dollar. Furthermore, I have decided to dress up as him for Halloween this year. Funny as that may sound to you, it is even more hilarious if you're me because I am a weakass little white guy with no muscles. It will be great.

If I offended you in my node, feel free to downvote me, although I would prefer a response of some sort. But if I was careful to avoid insulting anyone, wrote clearly, and added to the discussion, don't downvote me, you heathens! Doing so will only lead to more Wrath when I ascend the throne of God.