Mozilla has a nifty feature to add searching abilities to the sidebar/location bar. This will, at least in windows, but it "should" work in all OS's supported by Mozilla, give you an "E2" search. I don't know yet how to get it to keep the results in the sidebar, but such is life, i never use the sidebar. I would also like to patch Findings... to add in some easy start/stop tags.

I need a 16x16 GIF for the search results etc that show up in the taskbar. Something just like the favicon.ico thing, only in gif format. It would also be nice to be able to implement the update features, although i'm not quite sure how they work, maybe a fullpage node or a regular file (gasp!) If we made it a fullpage superdoc (does such a beast exist?) it could be made modular to any ecore site. I'll talk to nate or jay about it...

To install... copy the following src into a file called e2.src in your mozilla home directory, under Mozilla\searchplugins\
On my machine this translates to c:\\Mozilla\searchplugins\e2.src search plugin by (Eraser_/E2)

description=" Search"

<input name="node" user>
<input name="searchy">
<input name="type" value="oppressor_superdoc">
<input name="type" value="superdocnolinks">
<input name="type" value="superdoc">
<input name="type" value="collaboration">
<input name="type" value="collaboration ">
<input name="type" value="restricted_superdoc">
<input name="type" value="e2node">
<input name="type" value="document">
<input name="type" value="user">
<input name="lastnode_id" value="124">

resultListStart="the stuff we found"