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In the business of making films, the grip is a member of the production crew. As the name suggests, the grip's main job is to grab and move things. More specifically, grips do construction work and equipment setup related to filming, like assembly and disassembly of sets, scaffolding, dolly tracks for cameras, and lighting fixtures.

The grip crew includes a key grip, second company grip, a grip boss and a number of company grips, who do the grunt work. On larger crews, there may be specialists, such as dolly grips or crane grips. Grip work is fully unionized and most grips work in Los Angeles, California.

Key grips have the highest position in grip crews and are responsible for planning and logistics. They work with cameramen to assess out-of-studio location shooting sites. They also read the script and consult with directors and cameramen on set shooting. The second grip handles ordering, inventory control and other administrative work. The grip boss is responsible for cost estimates, work assignments and direct supervision of the physical work.