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Sadists will be disappointed, but masochists may want to change professions.

'Misery whip' is an apt logger's name for a saw. Now, if you get tired real fast using a hand saw to cut a plank of wood, imagine a saw that's some 10 to 20 feet long and has teeth longer than a tiger's teeth, and using that saw to cut down, say, a giant sequoia. That's the misery part. The whip part comes from the lateral flexibility of the long saw.

But don't fear, you won't be using it alone: misery whips are two-man saws (or one man and one woman saw or two-women saw or whatever). You can find interesting pictures on the Web that will make your present job, if you have one, feel like a happy dream.

These days, misery whips are antiques, having long been replaced by two-man chainsaws (which had the advantage of enabling the user to cut themselves in half but are sadly also on their way out) or giant mechs or the fact that old-growth forests have already been cut down or are now protected.



chainsaw vs. misery whip video