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Wicca is a pagan religion constructed in the 1940s or 1950s based on elements of pre-Christian religions.
Due to its pre-Christian base it is often mistaken as a pre-Christian religion. Wicca has some considerable updates from its pre-Christian basis.

Most Wiccans adhere strongly to some moral code however this code is not strictly defined.
It is usually based on the persons own version of the "harm none" rule. Some times this includes not eating meat some times this is more loosely defined as "Do no damage to others if you can help it".

Often called "Witchcraft", however this is probably not a useful term in describing Wicca.

Wicca was made popular by a member of the golden dawn and documented by two disagreeing members of same however it existed (posably in a less formal form) prior to that.
About 99.44% of what is Wicca today comes from the golden dawn members.

The dark side of Wicca comes from "Fluffy bunny Wiccans" a kind of extreme politically correct type that is as obnoxious as the Christian Coalition, As loud as they are they no more represent Wicca than the Christian Coalition represent Christianity
A popular form of Wicca comes from a Scott Cunningham called solitary Wiccan. This allows a Wiccan to function seperated from extreme Wiccan groups and hidden from such extreme groups as the Christian Coalition.