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Looking at nature, one would assume that a woman's main role deals with childbearing. She isn't the sole creator of life, she just nurtures the life that is created. Only man and woman can create life. I would think that the holy union between a man and a woman would resemble God, the Ultimate Creator. As we are created in God's image. That would seem to mean that either God is both male and female, and we can only resemble him when we are both male and female (achieved by sex) or there is a female God counterpart.

For this reason, I'm currently reconsidering my Christianity. I believe in Christ, His death and resurrection, and in God. But really, where do women fit in? I guess what I'm pondering is this: Christianity is so male-centric. I don't believe God or His creations are male-centric, so wouldn't His word mimic His creations?

However, it is male-centric. I know women are in the Bible, just as God has instructions for women. However, the Bible is mainly about men, for men. It really makes me wonder if the Gnostics are true. Grrr...damn sin and its ability to mess things up.

I'm so confused, spiritually speaking. I don't believe that God is confined to a religion, but on the other hand, religion speaks about the traits of God; they can't be ignored. So which religion, if any is, one to believe?