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I've had a rather productive day. I started out by de-cluttering the downstairs (the second floor is Ben's responsibility to keep clean). Of course, I left the cave (Ben's computer room) alone. That's Ben's territory, and even if I wanted to organize it, I don't think Ben would appreciate it very much. But our house now looks completely barren!! And we have a dining room table (which was previously buried under miscellany).

Afterward, I started to wash down the high chair. My father used this high chair when he was just a tot, and (I think) Steve and I used it when we were tots. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been painted in around 40 years, and even harbored bonus 20-year-old food gunk in places! I realized after I had washed it that the paint was coming off, and I was only using dish soap and water. Oh well, we were going to repaint anyways. I think I'll paint it, as I haven't had a whole lot of experience in that field and I think I'd really enjoy it.

Then after the high chair (which I didn't finish, because it was a bit too toasty out), I fed Isaac his first cracker! We really enjoyed the crackers; him eating them and me watching him eat. Of course, I gave him the crackers on my newly vacuumed floor. I also cleaned and disinfected our (not-so-new) new wine glasses which I purchased at a garage sale ($2.50 for a box of 8 glasses!!). Garage sales rock!

After repotting a couple of plants, I made dinner. Which was lovely. We had baked salmon, wild rice and sweet corn with wilted spinach salad. Ok. I know "wilted spinach salad" doesn't exactly sound appetizing (especially since most people don't like spinach), but it really wasn't that bad. Wilted spinach salad is: strawberries, mandarin orange slices, mushrooms and sliced green onions served on a bed of wilted (slightly cooked, not the "left out in the sun too long" variety) spinach, splashed with a bit of homemade vinaigrette. The original recipe suggested sprinkling crumbled bacon and chopped hard-boiled eggs atop, but I left those out. If I make it again, I think I'll either include the bacon or make a stronger vinaigrette, because the salad smacked a bit bland. We also drank fruit juice out of the wine glasses just for fun (and because we didn't happen to have any wine).

We will finish such a lovely day by watching Johnny Depp in "The Secret Window" whilst eating French Silk ice cream. Double yum.