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Updated: 11/8/2005

Happy 4th birthday to me
Not so many updates this year, but the administration is not being kind to multi-writeup nodes. And some people are declining XP from voting. What's all that about then, eh?

3 years of updates, 3 years of joy, 3 years of being a goy soy toy boy

AEton wins updater of the year for this past year. AEton, please come to isle 4 to collect your prize of 6 Asian elephants.

Last year's news:

OMG!! OMG!!! What to do if you've got too many votes on your hands celebrates its two year anniversary!

Word to kk and RR and all you others, who kept this alive in its second year.

Last year's last year's news:

What to do if you've got too many votes on your hands celebrates its one year anniversary!

Footprints wishes to thank all those who have updated me in the past year. Ereneta climbs to the top of the list for ceaseless updates!!! Of course, let's not forget cordelia and Professor Pi. And RimRod. Thanks also koreykruse for updating me on deleted nodes (he doesn't get to see his name down there, as I could hardly write it next to nodes that aren't there anymore, so jolly good show).

Teh original node:

You know how it is.... You come home after a long day. You're REALLY tired. But you haven't been on Everything2 all day. You HAVE to log on. And then you see the usual screen:

Ack! You lost experience
You have 2 cools left today
You have 45 votes left today

Dammit! You are SO tired...

Must... go... to... sleep... must... get... XP... sleep... XP... Sleep... XP...
45 votes? You'll never make it! And vote dumping on daylogs is so passé! Footprints to the rescue!. I bring you:

Footprints' 2 step guide to easy vote dumping

Step 1

Bookmark this node now.

Step 2

When you log on, come back here, and choose nodes from the list below, tallying up the total w/u's to match the number of votes you have left. The list includes nodes with more that 10 writeups each, that are easy to vote on. Some are upvote-worthy, but most are Getting To Know You Nodes, that should (IMHO) be clobbered to death using a stout stick. However, as many editors agree with me on this point, you should hurry and get to these nodes before some quick-witted editor gets to them first, thus ruining your chances of downvoting them.

The List

  1. I added my comments to some of these nodes. I am not presuming to tell you which way to vote on these nodes. I may, however, state my opinion. For the record, I believe that any GTKY (Getting To Know You) Node, deserves to die. This is in the spirit of E2. There are homenodes and daylogs for things like "How many people have you had sex with?"
  2. I will be updating this. Thank you, come again.
  3. I have tried to pick exceptionally votable nodes. I may have contributed to some of them, and not necessarily in any way I am proud of. I still chose to put them here, because I deserve downvotes for GTKY nodes like everyone.
  4. Footprints is in no way responsible, nor will he be liable for, the opinions in the following nodes, or their existence. If you do find a faulty link, please /msg me.

New Additions
Newer Additions

Newest Additions
Can they get newer than this?
I guess they can!
My oh my! It doesn't end!
There's more round the bend!
That rhymed! I'm a poet!
I didn't even know it!
More newer additions
More more newer additions
More newer more additions
Dated additions (newest)
Valentines' Day Special
  • Everything High School ~30!!! I am so excited. Thanks, Ereneta, for finding me this on this glorious St. Valentine's day. I have been a bit depressed, as the editors and Gods have really been removing GTKY nodes, so I haven't been able to dump downvotes very efficiently. But on this lovely day, both you AND your lover can share the joy of downvoting 30!!! writeups! (14/2/2002)
Post-Valentine's day updates
  • 666 ~12 I could have written some devilishly good comment, but I didn't (15/2/2002)
  • trinity ~15 Ereneta! (26/2/2002)
  • a ~16 (26/2/2002)
  • c ~11 no, b has only 7 (26/2/2002)
  • d ~11 (26/2/2002)
  • e ~16 the vowels are doing well (26/2/2002)
  • g ~14 no, f has 6 (26/2/2002)
  • i ~13 no, h has 6 (26/2/2002)
  • k ~12 no, j has 7 (26/2/2002)
  • m ~11 no, l has 3. Interestingly enough, M has no Webbie defn. (26/2/2002)
  • x ~18 what about nopqrstuvw? no (26/2/2002)
  • z ~13 no, y do you ask? (26/2/2002)
  • our sensei ~26 /me misses sensei (27/2/2002)
  • depression ~13 Ereneta! (3/3/2002)
More dated updated updates with dates up-of-thereof with a forthwith and a hey-ho
Gather round countrymen, please heed my call
Welcoming TBBK to the list of contributors!
And, in distance of order from the sun: When TBBK sets his mind on something, he's unstoppable:
Okay, after a year and I half of incessant updating, you can undertsnad how I migth botch up the spelningl a litlet ibt on theses heders
And you thought I ran out of ideas for headers!
The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky.
  • blue ~12 RimRod! (7/7/2002)
  • green ~15 (7/7/2002)
  • black ~11 (7/7/2002)
  • orange ~13 Orange you glad I didn't say purple? (7/7/2002)
RimRod goes east
RimRod goes south
RimRod goes veggie
RimRod reveals all
RimRod starts throwing random stuff in my direction, forcing my to have no suitable title
New header
Newer Header
RimRod is doing a wonderful job of updating me and thus helps keep everyone with plenty of votable nodes, for which we are all grateful. On a side note, getting so many updates in the past day sort of clogged up my inbox. I don't mind at all. Anyway, to show RimRod our appreciation, please copy and paste the following into the chatterbox and press 'talk': /msg RimRod great job in updating Footprints on What to do...! I realise I am one of many thanking you and so your inbox must be awefully crowded, but I had to show my appreciation.
Rent this header
C! this header
koreykruse goes ballistic
(i.e. all the following courtesy koreykruse and 21/9/2002) kk also mentions that almost all of the previous nodes were editor cooled.
Only Lone Star gives me raspberry
Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me happy birthday what to do if you've got too many votes on your hands even though the node whose title you got the inspiration from has now been nuked happy birthday to me
(r) 2002.12.11@21:55 mirv says re What to do if you've got too many votes on your hands : behold, o Footprints, for the sight of this pile o' bloated nodes shall be pleasing to thine eyes
(All comments, subheaders, etc. by mirv, except this one and one more below)

elemental nodes

noisy nodes

some good factuals

(again, my header)
  • children ~10 AEton says, "but try not to softlink it, because that's bad softlinking as commentary." (28/12/2002)
  • pornography ~11 "better softlink fodder"(28/12/2002)
  • gravity ~15 (28/12/2002)
  • shadows ~10 (28/12/2002)
  • alive ~10 (29/12/2002)
  • one ~12 (29/12/2002)
  • seven ~11 (29/12/2002)
  • prime ~10 (29/12/2002)
  • angel ~11 (29/12/2002)
  • heaven ~12 (29/12/2002)
AEton again (we apologize for the interruption)
Just before the war (possibly the last update, if a chemical scud lands next to my house)
So this duck walks into a duck
Didn't know I was looking for love
Since my last update, E2 and Saddam have a new home
I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in
1st update of the 4 year bonanza right on the day