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In basketball, an offensive strategy to score easy points. When executed correctly, the defensive team comes up with a steal, a blocked shot, or a rebound. The ball is quickly passed upcourt into the hands of the point guard. If the play is executed quickly, most of the other team's players will be left standing underneath their basket. Having a man advantage is essential to the success of a fast break. 2-on-1 and 3-on-1 breaks work best, though a good team can score in a 3-on-2 situation.

Ideally, the point guard or shooting guard runs up the middle of the court, drawing the defender. The guard either attempts to score the ball himself or gives it up to a trailer, either running alongside or behind him. This should lead to an easy layup or dunk.

Some of the greatest NBA teams of all time have used the fast break offense successfully. The "Showtime" Lakers of the late 1980s had an excellent running point guard in Magic Johnson, and athletic finishers such as James Worthy and A.C. Green. In today's game, Jason Kidd is an excellent example of a point guard who runs an efficient fast break.

The fast break is difficult to defend against. A team can prevent it to some extent by getting back on defense quickly, but once a fast break is in progress, there are only two ways to defend it. One is to attempt to draw a charging foul, by planting your feet and allowing the offensive player to run right over you. The other is to just get out of the way.