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Purple haze surrounding budding flowers
Growing as they cycle, round and round
Heading for an unwanted destiny
Everything must die someday; even me.

But my light is not the sun.
The center of my circle is a girl,
A girl who before my eyes becomes a woman.
And for her, her boy is now a man.

She marks the beginning and end of every day
The tides recede at her will;
Giving her the sand to walk.
I pause to admire the perfection of her footprints.

When I follow her, I always have a destination.
Without, where would the sun set?
I doubt it would even rise.
Closer and closer; she speaks the words on my mind.

The most beautiful woman I have ever seen
Planted in my mind when I least expect it
Her face is like a sterling rose
Set against the summer night.

This is a poem I wrote for the person I most adore. It's so hard to reach perfection, but someday... someday I want to be like her. Copyright and all that other bullshit. Enjoy.