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The Fall of Manetheren

The Fall of Manetheren is a Single Player Add-on for the Wheel Of Time action/strategy game.

This mod follows the storyline of the book series, but does not simply replicate the storyline in a new form. The main story of The Fall Of Manetheren is set on a tangent to the story that readers are told by Moiraine in the first book, The Eye of the World. This way, more content is added the existing story, which will hopefully not contradict anything that has already been written, and while the player is living part of the story, and can affect the outcome, they cannot change the past and must settle with winning in a different manner.

Tha main character is a scout named Fyrrl Colthoun, he has been ordered to move ahead of the main body of the Manetheren army and do all that he can to slow or wound The Dark One's army.

The mod is due for release late in 2001 and features new levels, ter`Angreal, models and sound.
It will be using the Wheel of Time game, which uses the Unreal Engine. The system requirements are the same as that of the original game.

The official website of the Mod is: