Although the Aluball is designed for kava, its product description says it can also be used to make cold brew coffee and tea. Since I am a tea drinker, I made a recipe to see if the microfilter mesh could efficiently make tea. And since the Aluball is quite voluminous, I added some other ingredients in:

  • loose green tea
  • Ginger (solid root, about a half teaspoon sized piece)
  • Rose Blossoms (three or four)
  • Melissa leaves (three or four, freshly picked
I then put all of these in the aluball, closed it, filled the aluball bottle with hot water, and shook vigorously for about a minute. Since the aluball bottle is not specifically made for boiling water, I figured it would take longer to diffuse, so I put the aluball in the refrigerator to cool the tea off, and to allow the flavor to diffuse. For some batches, I added sugar and lemon.

My verdict is that while the aluball method makes tea that is both good tasting, and also potent enough to wake me up. It is fine tea. However, because shaking doesn't seem to work as well as boiling water to extract caffeine and flavor, the aluball method is much longer and less convenient than making tea by pouring boiling water over a tea bag in a mug. The large volume of the aluball allows mixing different ingredients, which is fun. So I would leave making green tea with the aluball for leisure times, and use the aluball for making kava and the electric kettle to make tea.