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This is a quick, easy, tasty and healthy recipe for when you have a five pound bag of feta cheese that you need to eat. We could call this a type of "Greek" Pizza, but that stereotype might annoy people who actually know about Greek cuisine.

The first thing you need is some pita bread, of any quality whatsoever. This might offend some, but the pita bread could be made out of anything more digestible than cardboard and it would be okay. I've done it with good pita bread, but the pita bread I am at this very moment cooking my pizzas on was bought at the Dollar Tree, four pieces for a dollar. I have a lot of feta cheese to get through, so I can't be picking organic hand-made pita. Now that we have our pita (of any quality), put some pizza sauce on it. Pizza sauce can be bought pretty cheaply, or if you want to, make your own. Feel free to add more spices to it, although it already has spices in it. I add a bit of red pepper for bite. Then, and this is important, add spinach. Spinach is a vegetable. The fact that you are adding a vegetable to this is what makes it cuisine, and not just an excuse for pouring cheese in your mouth. Once you have the spinach and sauce together, add a big handful of feta cheese. Theoretically, we could stop here, but we have a problem: despite its distinctive taste and cheap price, feta does not melt well. So in order to keep it in place, add another handful of mozzarella. Then put in an oven at 350-375F, and in about 10 minutes, you have a pizza! Top with parmesan cheese and enjoy the mixed flavors of different types of cheese, as well as the pat on the back from eating a vegetable. Two, if you count tomatoes in the sauce.

Of course, a key part of this recipe is having a big quantity of feta cheese that you obtained cheaply. And this is where this recipe reaches its relevance. As you might have heard, we are in the middle of a pandemic. As you might have also heard, this is causing inflation. (Or it was last week---the new Omicron Variant might change that, again.) In such times, "What do I do with all this luxury food?" might seem like a weird problem, but many foods are produced predominantly for the restaurant trade. Feta cheese is one of those, often used as a condiment or topping in salads, but not used often as a home cooking ingredient. My guess is that since the restaurant trade has gone down during the pandemic, wholesalers are left with a big supply. I bought my 5 pound bag at the Grocery Outlet for 7 dollars--- which is the exact same price that local grocery stores offer for 8 ounces. Meaning that I am getting it at one-tenth the retail price. One of the bizarre things about this pandemic is that while it has had catastrophic effects for many, and has been a difficult time for most, we also have situations where we are obtaining luxury goods for a fraction of their normal price, during an inflationary peak. A bizarre time for the world. And I imagine that for many years, when I taste feta cheese, I will remember this year and my almost compulsory eating of these Pita Bread Feta Cheese Pizzas.