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Science Fiction Novel by Frederik Pohl and Cyril M. Kornbluth. * * * * *

Mitchell Courtenay is a very important person, a star-class copysmith for a major advertising firm. His Social Security Number has a mere nine digits!

He has just completed the deal on Indiastries, the first merger bringing the economy of an entire subcontinent under one product line.

He is about to top that with the biggest deal ever, the terraforming and settling of Venus.

Then one day, someone kidnaps him and takes it all away. Maybe a rival executive, but more likely those dirty Consies....

Written in 1959, before consumer protection laws made misleading advertising illegal (at least in theory), The Space Merchants explores what would happen if1 marketing types and advertising agencies controlled the world. It exposes the fraud and corporate backstabbing perpetrated in the tyrannical oligarchic plutocracy that capitalism can become if left unchecked.

The Space Merchants is arguably the best science fiction novel ever written; A MUST READ.