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One of the three main varieties of cabbage. It has thick dark green leaves, lightening towards the middle, and highly wrinkled or savoyed. It is especially rich in vitamin C and has considerably more flavour than the other kinds of cabbage.

All three kinds, the common, the red, and the Savoy, are Brassica oleracea var. capitata; they are so closely related that they are only subgroups of the one capitata cultivar. The common pale green one is subgroup alba, the red cabbage is rubra, and the Savoy cabbage is sabauda.

Now I like this elegant vegetable, but no brassica is the first thing you rush for for a quick snack. But yesterday I was forced to abandon my noding and go to the supermarket, not having eaten properly all weekend, and I saw someone in the next queue had a Savoy cabbage. And I began salivating: that intense command from your body when it says give me that nutrient NOW.

Another sign of being addicted to E2 is when even as you're in the grip of acute vitamin deficiency you're thinking hey, that's a good idea for a node.