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A member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Nura Nal is Dream Girl's real name. Dream Girl comes from the planet Naltor. All the inhabitants of the planet have the ability to see the future with 100% accurancy. Most of these visions come in dreams, although they can be achieved through going into a trance.

Dream Girl joined the Legion of Super-Heroes and soon after had a vision that seven of the members would die in an explosion. She misinterpreted the dream, as they were actually robot doubles of the Legionaires, so she resigned soon after.

She joined the Legion of Substitute Heroes for a while, but later was rejoined the Legion in disguise under the name Miss Sterious, when Supergirl was forced to resign due to a Kryptonite cloud surrounding the Earth.

After proving herself a capable Legionaire, she revealed her true identity and was accepted into the Legion again under her own name.

She is romantically involved with Star Boy and is the sister to White Witch.