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A villain published by DC Comics. The Mirror Master first appeared in The Flash #105 in 1959.

Three men have used the identity of the Mirror Master in the pursuit of criminal activities. The original Mirror Master was an ex-convict named Sam Scudder. Scudder was serving time in prison and working in the prison workshop making mirrors. One day after Scudder had been working on making a new kind of mirror, he was repremanded by an angry prison guard for wasting time. After the guard left, Scudder discovered that the mirror had somehow kept the image of the guards face on its surface. Scudder kept this knowledge to himself and after his release continued his research into mirrors finally designing a costume and a number of mirrors with special abilities and began a crime spree as the Mirror Master.

Scudder's activities put him into conflict with the Silver Age Flash. The two clashed on many occasions with Scudder using special mirrors that allowed him to create solid three dimensional holograms that obeyed his commands, mirrors that allowed him to teleport from place to place, and even mirrors that allowed him to turn his opponents into mirrors. The Flash always defeated the Mirror Master who became one of the founding members of the Flash's Rogues Gallery.

During the Crisis on Infinte Earths, a group of villains traveled into the distant past to stop the Oan Krona from glimpsing the start of the universe and creating the multiverse. The Mirror Master along with a number of other villains found the device that Krona had created and could have destroyed it, but for their own bickering. Sam Scudder and the other villains were killed by Krona.

For a time, Scudder's old partner in the Rogues Gallery, Captain Boomerang adopted the identity of the Mirror Master so that he could participate in a crime spree while a member of the government agency the Suicide Squad. Captain Boomerang's activities were discovered by the leaders of the Suicide Squad and he was taken out of commission.

Still later a third man named Evan McCullogh took the identity of the Mirror Master. A mercenary, McCullogh used the Mirror Master equipment to complete contracts for the people who hired him. McCullogh was first seen when he was hired to attack the environmentalist hero Animal Man. He later helped Animal Man get revenge on those who had killed his family.

The latest Mirror Master was approached by Abra Kadabra and offered great power along with the original members of the Rogues Gallery. They accepted and found that they were part of a plot by the demon Neron to trap the latest person to wear the mantle of the Flash Wally West. The five were killed and they were brought back to life with great powers but no souls. They were eventually returned to normal when the Flash defeated Neron and had him return them to life.