A super-hero published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Star-Spangled Comics #1 in October 1941.

Two heroes have gone by the name the Star-Spangled Kid. The first was Sylvester John Pemberton III, the son of a wealthy industrialist. Pemberton was a brilliant student, finishing high school by the time he was twelve. He was studied in many varied fields, including biology, physics, and psychology.

One July 4th, 1941, Pemberton was attending a movie when Pro-Nazi protesters began to shout in the theater. When Pemberton and others began to shout them down, the protesters turned violent and and Pemberton had to help in fighting them back. When he found out that they were saboteurs, Pemberton fashioned a patriotic costume and tracked them down to stop them. He found another man in the crowd had done the same thing, a mechanic named Pat Dugan. The two quickly stopped the men and decided that they worked well together. And so the partnership of The Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy came into being.

Pemberton got his father to hire Dugan as their driver and the two continued to fight injustice in their patriotic-themed identities. They joined other heroes as the Seven Soldiers of Victory and later at the behest of FDR, joined the All-Star Squadron.

Later, Pemberton's parents believed that he was missing the companionship of people more his age, so they adopted a girl named Merry. When Merry discovered the secret identities that Pemberton and Dugan hid, she fashioned her own identity as Merry, the Gimmick Girl. She aided Pemberton on a couple of occasions when Dugan was recovering from injuries sustained during one of their adventures.

While in battle with the Nebula Man, the Seven Soldiers of Victory were hurled into different parts of the timestream, trapping them in different times in history. The Star-Spangled Kid was trapped in 50,000 BC. He was rescued by members of The Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America. Unfortunately, for Pemberton, while only weeks had passed for him, forty years had passed in the normal time flow.

Feeling like a man out of step with the world, he hung up his costume and concentrated on managing his family's fortune. When the children of the original Justice Society fought the Ultra-Humanite to save their parents, Pemberton used a converted version of Starman's Cosmic Rod, called the Cosmic Converter Belt and fought again as the Star-Spangled Kid. When they had defeated their foe, Pemberton invited these young heroes to join him in California to start a new team. This team was called Infinity, Inc.

Infinity, Inc. fought together for many years, based out of a studio owned by Pemberton. During this time, Pemberton changed his name from the Star-Spangled Kid to Skyman. Pemberton was eventually killed by the cyanide touch of his teammate Mr. Bones. Bones was later exonerated for Pemberton's death when it was discovered that he was being controled by the Harlequin.

Recently, a new Star-Spangled Kid has broken onto the scene. Using the Cosmic Converter Belt, Courtney Whitmore, the step-daughter of Pat Dugan has become the newest person to fight under this name.