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January 30, 2004
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It has been incredibly fun to watch the growth of the internet and the culture surrounding it over the last few years. E2 was the underground for awhile, before the concept of a Wiki was widespread, and before MySpace put blogging in a corporate business model. It's a shame, and a harsh reality, to accept that E2 is a midget among giants... at least in the financial sense. We still have all the heavy hitters in terms of content.

I've been busy with life. Got a new job as a consultant, making big bucks, and I bought a home. My fiancee and I are awaiting the arrival of our new Basset hound pup, Caesar, and our wedding next fall. It's funny how fast life fell into place after college. Within a year, I was halfway down the domestic path, and not even thinking about looking back. And I never want to, as I'm very happy and fully satisfied.

I'll write again soon. I have no creative outlets anymore, or so it seems. I don't count writing code, mind you. The power of the written word always comes out of the clouds and into the deep to strike me with vigor and fury, and I once again leap above the tide to shine in the sun. Then, I slam against the waves, diving deep and waiting again for my time to resurface.

I have some new stuff coming in the following weeks. Hopefully, you'll read it and enjoy it.