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The Auditors, as they are referred to as throughout the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett are, as blandoon puts it quite nicely in the write up for Thief of Time, "something like the Universe's middle management." They beings are not allowed to think of themselves as individuals. In fact, as soon as one of them utters the word 'I,' 'my,' or any singular possessive, cease to exist in what seems to be an unpleasant manner, only to be replaced by one identical to it.

The goal of the Auditors seems to be to rid the universe (and especially Discworld in particular) of those annoying, messy, and overall unnecessary sentient life forms. They have appeared in many of the Discworld novels, especially those concerning Death and his familiars, with various plots to purge their universe of these annoying beings in an effort to make the universe more tidy and civilized.

I was originally going to list which books the Auditors have appeared in, but unfortunately I’ve forgotten over the 2 years that I’ve been obsessive with the Discworld series. They do however appear in Reaper Man, Thief of Time, and Hogfather for sure.