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He’s Arj Barker, and he’s a mini-star. Well, his legal name is actually Ricky Shroeder, born Aug. 12, 1974 in Virginia, he makes his living as a comic, actor, writer, and…fisherman? I first heard of him from a friend quoting a small cartoon skit from his website arjbarker.com. I was intrigued by the seemingly immense hilarity in what I heard and so I decided to check him out for myself. Upon seeing Ok Computer and Ænima among his favorite albums I decided to label him as one cool dude, because, well, those albums are by two of the best bands out there right?

Well, continuing, his website is full of all sorts of crazy stuff that one might find anywhere from slightly humorous to downright hilarious, including one of my personal favorites: The Arj and Poopy Show, what will they do next? This is somewhat of a mini series involving Arj and his cat Poopy, completely animated with the help of flash.

He has performed in a variety of locations including: United States, Canada, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, N. Ireland, Channel Islands), Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Poland, France, China (Hong Kong), Norway, and Australia. I don’t really know much more about him, but I would recommend visiting his site; it will do you good.