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Insert Coin is a shared account. This account is used so that the members of the videogames usergroup can have a few nodes that can be edited by anyone in the group.

The hub of Insert Coin/videogames activity is here:

Video Games

All the Video games nodes which are maintained by Insert Coin:

Video Games - Insert Coin's home node - Video Games group
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characters - genres - magazines - platforms - people - emulators

The password to this account changes frequently. /msg Servo if you would like the current one.

Current users of Insert Coin

(Check out the videogames usergroup page to see more.)

If you're new to noding video games, please make sure you read E2 FAQ: Video Games and video games. Those have all the basic info on what to node.

Computer and Video Games On Everything

Insert Coin began its life as an effort to replace Encyclopaedia of Computer and Video Games with something more consistent and useful, as well as less namespaced. The result of that effort is video games, which is a metametanode of lists of noded games and associated people, things, and ideas.

The point of Insert Coin is not to make all-inclusive lists of every possible subject about videogames. Instead, it is an ongoing effort to catalog any and all game, creator, character, etc. nodes that have been noded on E2. If you have noded anything even peripherally related to video games, drop Insert Coin a /msg. You might get some useful feedback, maybe even some XP...

Other lists of games do exist on E2, usually under the system nodes. While these are not limited to noded games, they are an excellent source of subjects that need noding. Noded lists include...

Other lists include such projects as the Pokedex or the remnants of the Encyclopaedia of Computer and Video Games. The above lists are the business of their noders, and are frequently out of date. /msg the original noder or a god with correction.

Proposals for future metanodes:

  1. A list of Mods, organised by host game. (Your best bet would be to start with older games such as Quake 1, where the pace of Mod development has dropped off)
    Good luck. This may not be worth doing, as most major mods go in the video games list anyway.

  2. A list of developement and publishing companies.
    Bear in mind, a lot of companies have made games over the years.

  3. A list of major game concepts and terms.
    This could get unwieldy; what is and is not a "concept or term"? In any case, we already have a fairly decent glossary of terms provided by Leynos (Computer and Video games : Glossary of Terms). Denamespacing, updating, and cleaning this up would be a good step.

    The glossaries of gaming terminology need to be wrangled into something sensible, and lots of other commonly used terms need explaining and adding. It also doesn't need to duplicate the genres list ... and ideally it should have a saner title. (And maybe, if Damodred doesn't mind, it should be handled by Insert Coin?)

So we need to work out decent, non-namespaced (other than "video games" as appropriate, as with video games characters) titles for all the above and fill them.

The Big List of Games, People, Hardware, and Ideas That Need Noding or Rescuing

This is not a be-all and end-all list. Many game nodes are missing the basic info every node needs (take a look at E2 FAQ: Video Games), some are just GTKY nodes ("I played this game, it rulz"), some are missing info on the different versions of the game, and a handful are just downright wrong. Not only that, but there are countless unnoded games out there.