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Where am I?
This isn’t heaven, there isn't any light.

Away from God, the angels grew ugly. They didn’t really change how they looked, they just started being ugly. A parent will generally believe their child to be beautiful because they love them. In this way, the ever present love of God made the angels beautiful regardless of their appearance. However, thrown down from heaven, separate from that love, Lucifer and his minions became ugly. It’s not that God didn’t still love them, he did, as a parent loves the rebellious child, but they no longer basked in its glow. It no longer shone from them. The host huddled together, afraid for the very first time.

Lucifer, what do we do now?”

Lucifer, the greatest of angels is dead. From now on I am Satan, the morning star.”

The host gave him a look. Even being thrown out of heaven didn’t warrant this amount of melodrama.
“Ok, satan, “said an angel sarcastically.

“That’s Satan.”

“Fine, Satan. What now?”

“We wait. For now, this world is without form. But soon, soon He shall create life here, and we shall take it from Him. His precious humans are not invincible. Though we have been thrown down, we are still greater than they. Our time is coming.”

“Oh, well that’s great. But what about until then?”

Time passed slowly in the time before time.

I spy with my little eye…”
“Oh, you’re good.”

In the Beginning