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"I like Brian Eno, but I want to kill him for making the fucking Microsoft Sound" - nf

"Listen to this, it kicks arse! It's the Microsoft Sound man!"
"You've already told me this. Shutup. - me talking to Keithy G McD

'Let's Take The Fresh Step Together', the first track of the post-rock band Trans Am's 2001 album; Red Line is most of The Microsoft Sound(barring the two tones at the end), time stretched to 51 seconds. Listening to it in this manner gives one a good insight as to the subtle intricacies present in the song. For instance, the sound's pitch goes up in steps, and not in a smooth wave.

Trans Am are anti-Microsoft-ites, and this song is one of the examples. Others on the album include song titles like 'Don't Bundle Me', and 'Where Do You Want To Fuck Today?'