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To find the inspiration and motivation I need to end my 6+ year dry spell and write again
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"Jesus never said it would be easy. He said it would be worth it."
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Who am I? As if any of you actually care, but I'll tell you a little anyways. I'm a newlywed finishing my Interior Design degree. My husband and I are building our reputation in the construction business and are beginning preliminary steps to starting our own building & design company.

We've recently purchased our first and only home. With which came a significant extra who's name is Bonnie. She is a 16 month old hanoverian filly horse.

I speak and write from the heart. Character is everything to me. Maybe eventually my writing will grow out of it's life lesson phase, but in the mean time I think I've had a few experiences that have shaped who I am that I think are worth sharing. I figure if creating a gtky node will make a difference in someone's life, or help them look at things differently then it is a node well birthed. So, if you hate 'getting to know you' nodes, avoid mine like the plague. They will be well written but will include a life story that changed my way of thinking or broadened my out-look on life.

Other junk about me you may (or may not) be interested in:

The Real Name: Jamie

The Hometown: Grew up in Dimondale, now live in Vermontville. Both in MI.

Username Translation: Jesus Freak without the vowels, which I am and always will be.

Most Significant Life Altering Moment: Finding the strength to stand up to my mother at my rehersal for trying to screw with my wedding day.

Most Significant Life Altering Decision: Choosing to make my Christian upbringing personal and follow Christ myself. 2nd most - getting married.

Favorites: Color - Purple, Season - Fall, Food - Pickles (no sexual inuendo intended), Food Type - Italian, Song - "Draw Me Close To You" (church song), Book of the Bible - Ephesians, Book other than the Bible - "Passion & Purity" (Elizabeth Elliot), Flower - Lilacs, Music Genre - Country, Movie - Tie between "The Princess Bride" and "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", Animal - Horses (have 2), Dog Breed - Bichon Frise (have 1). Famous Vocalist - Faith Hill, Almost Famous Vocalist - iambic, Actress - Julia Roberts, Veggie Tales character - Pa Grape.

Ok enough favorites, you get the picture. Can't imagine whatelse anyone would care to know so, that's me.