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Like most terms in the Star Trek universe, the LaForge Maneuver has two separate meanings, one that works within the context of the show and a recontextualization1 of that term by the fan base. Compare to the multiple definitions of Picard Maneuver.

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Arsenal of Freedom, the Enterprise, while under the command of Geordi LaForge (much to the annoyance of the ship's chief engineer - this is a first season episode, back when the idea of a blind starship pilot was still mildly cute) is attacked by a powerful attack drone with a cloaking device. In order to gain targeting information on the drone, LaForge takes the Enterprise's stardrive section into the planet's upper atmosphere in an attempt to lure the drone in after them. His ploy is successful - the friction of the atmosphere against the drone's hull allowed it to be targeted and destroyed.

It was never called the LaForge Maneuver in the series itself but was attributed to him within the Star Trek community.

Alternately, the Laforge Maneuver is the particular series of actions LaForge (now wearing his spiffy gold engineer's uniform) goes through whenever there's a problem (usually a coolant leak) in main engineering. NCC05 describes it with considerable élan here, but basically LaForge yells "Coolant Leak!," ushers every last crewmember out of engineering before doing a neat tuck and roll under the slowly descending blast doors. I can think of at least three different times he employed this maneuver - the last time was right before the destruction of the Enterprise-D in Star Trek: Generations.

1 Why does my computer's spell checker recognize yuppie as a word, but not recontextualization? Or is that a silly question?