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Notes on a nodecast

So I had an inkling to do a node reading, and settled on Antarctica: Life in a dream wonderous. Then timed my first reading. Revise, rethink. Find a SHORT iceowl-Antarctica node. Time it. Edit it down still further. Get some bright ideas about mixing in sound effects. Tinker a little...

iceowl gave his blessing back in June.
But I managed to finish while it was still the International Polar Year.
Thomas Crean's South Pole Inn still operates in Co. Kerry. Must stop in sometime.
Recorded on a Nokia N-Gage, Audacity on Alicia the iMac, and assorted utilities (SoundFlower, SoundConverter), and occasionally Jellybaby on my lap. Assorted sound samples from therecordist.com, The Thing trailer, X-Com, Amazon previews, and Sigur Ros ("Dogun" and "Staralafur", as introduced to me by CoolBeans).

With no further ado: Aurora Australis (Antarctic-Jelly-McMurdo-Flurry Remix)

(pending the release of Heisenberg's next episode, naturally.)