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Title: World War III, Part II
Release Date: January 2000
Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: John Dell
JLA Members: Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Oracle, Plastic Man, Huntress, Zauriel, Steel, the Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Barda, and Orion.
Guest Stars: Metron.
Bad Guys: The new Injustice Gang (Lex Luthor, Prometheus, the General, and the Queen Bee) and Mageddon.

So what happens?
The new Injustice Gang has just delivered a crushing attack against the JLA. The Huntress has been blown out into space by a hole ripped into the Watchtower, though Superman saves her at the last second with a well-timed liplock (to get her some oxygen, ya see. Ahem. Yes). The Queen Bee is summoning her bee-troopers to Earth and is controlling Green Lantern with some of her hypno-pollen.

Back on Earth, Prometheus verbally spars with Oracle for a while and offers to heal her paralysis before getting bored and throwing her through a window (but hey, Oracle used to be Batgirl, so she saves herself from falling and breaks Prometheus' helmet. You go, girl!).

On the moon, Superman and Steel take on the General, but Steel almost gets his hand bitten off and is then hypnotized by the Queen Bee's pollen. Huntress is able to talk GL out of his hypnosis. GL discovers Luthor with some weird, scarlet, gooey stuff starting to grown over his head, Prometheus gets back to the moon and knocks out Huntress right before Batman shows up to challenge him, the Queen Bee and the hyp-mo-tized Steel are planning the invasion of Earth, the General is literally stomping on Superman, every nation on Earth is going to war, Martian Manhunter finally gets on the scene--this is seriously crazy shit goin' down, man!

And 12 light-years west (that's what the caption says), Wonder Woman, Orion, Barda, and Metron finally encounter Mageddon. It's octopoid, it's ugly, it's the size of a sun. Hoo boy...

Cool Moments!
Oracle vs. Prometheus.

Cool Quotes!
Prometheus: "It would be easy to kill you now. That would hurt them, wouldn't it?"
Oracle: "It wouldn't be easy, but yeah, you could probably kill me..."

Prometheus: "I notice you're wearing worn shoes in last year's style. The chair's a new little friend, then? What's the first thing you really miss when you realize it's for life? Dancing? Running to the deli? Sex?"
Oracle: "I try not to live in the past. Do you miss your baby carriage?"

Plastic Man: "Earth is under attack from killer space-bees? Just when you think there can't possibly be anything funny about interstellar warfare, huh?"

Green Lantern, after waking up from his hypnosis: "Maple syrup--I was trying to drown that weird Old Testament cereal Zauriel brings in, next thing I know the bad guys are dining out on my brains."

Prometheus, not acting very friendly to Batman: "I beat you senseless last time, just to show you I could. And now I'm going to hamstring you, lobotomize you with an icepick and leave you drooling for the others to find."

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