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mission drive within everything
increasing liberty, eradicating tyranny
obscure trivia reccolection, administration (my god, what a suck-ass speciality)
University of ALabama (currently on break)
Science Does Not Remove the Terror of the Gods
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Born: 10/20/76

Bithplace: Alabama

Current Residence: Alabama

Favorite Authors: R.A.W., Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Hunter S Thompson

Favorite Music: Rob Zombie, Rev. Horton Heat, Swing Neckbreakers, Shakespeare's Sister, Rasputina, Godsmack (actually, just the song "Voodoo"), Butthole Surfers

Politics: Individualist Anarchist

Associations: Mallet Assembly (the Men's Honors Living Option for the University of ALabama), Liberty Dawn (embryonic libertarian/anarchist/individual club starting up at the University of Alabama), Global Revolutionary Alliance (embryonic worldwide insurgency type group), Young Adventurers International (libertarian youth group)

Religion: agnostic/opportunist/subgenius