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Also called "Iroha Garuta".

A variation on Uta Karuta, but for people less familiar with classical poetry.

The MC's deck has 40-odd cards, each of which has a short piece of text. In a traditional "iroha-karuta" deck, these are proverbs and such, but many playful variations exist. Perhaps the iroha karuta deck is an art form.

Each card in the players' deck corresponds to a given card in the MC's deck. It has the first kana of the text, plus an illustration of said text.

Ready to play? Okay! "Nomi..."
C'mon, whaddaya waiting for! That "no" at the beginning should have been enough of a clue!
"...mono ja nai..." C'mon, hurry up!
"... zo! Shikko da!!" Little Sakura holds up a card in triumph. Can you show us the card, Sakura-chan? Okay. See that hiragana "no" in the corner? That was the "no" I was telling you to look for. And see the picture of the guy pulling the bottle out of his friend's hands? That goes with the text!

Maybe you'll have better luck with the next card... "Kono biru ha..."