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From the California Secretary of State's Office:

1994 California Voter Information: Proposition 187. Illegal Aliens.

Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact:

  • Annual savings of roughly $200 million to the state and local governments (primarily counties), due to reduced costs for public social services, health care and higher education.
  • Annual administrative costs of tens of millions of dollars (potentially more than $100 million in the first year) to the state and local governments (primarily counties and public schools) to verify citizenship or legal status of students and parents and persons seeking health care and/or social services.
  • Places at possible risk billions of dollars annually in federal funding for state and local education, health and welfare programs due to conflicts between the measure's provisions and federal requirements.

It is said this proposition will hurt an innumerable number of immigrants in California, (Home of Three Strikes You're Out) who are trying to survive and establish themselves.