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I Wish My Life Was More Like an Everything2 Node

I wish I could hand out C!'s to people who I thought deserved them, or just upvote someone who was having a bad day that I passed on the street. I wish when I saw someone interesting that I could see what they've said in the past to get some sort of feel for who they really are. I wish my life was viewed with as much anonymity and respect as it was here.

I wish I could change my color scheme.

I wish I could hardlink to other people's thoughts so they could see the way I felt. I wish people would softlink to me, so I could know what they were thinking when they heard what I had to say. I wish everything I've ever said was stored in a log so I could view my poignant, defining moments of triumph and joy alongside my equally defining times of sorrow.

I wouldn't mind storing portions of my life in node heaven.

I wish every time I woke up someone could tell me a life tip of the day. I wish there was a life page of cool. I wish I could imagine how hot people are and they would be that to me because it doesn't matter. I wish life came with a scratch pad. I wish every once in a while I could softlink to other people's lives, just so they would wonder what the hell I was doing there.

And every once in a while, I'd just like to play with a word galaxy.

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-Miller's Angels
-VW Jetta
-Something Corporate
-Richard Kelly
-Why dogs have wet noses

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